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Colorado Health Ins."Best Prices" program was put together by Bill Addy a certified specialist in ObamaCare.  The purchase process is much like the puzzle pieces above.  All pieces need to be completed and in the right order.  Final rates are based on zip code, age, plan design, potential needs, Doctor choice, and taxable income.  Most persons with income under 113,000 will receive special pricing discounts on personal insurance and some will also receive special benefits on their coverage policy.  Final rates will be less than 10% of income.  Attached plan designs are shown at full retail prices to allow a person to browse some of the plans available.  A final premium and more details on your personal Insurance is available with a simple phone call to Bill.  Thanks.

Bill Addy - Managing Broker
5545 N Buckskin Pass Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80917
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C B M was formed 25 years ago to help individuals, families, and small business to understand and find their way through health insurance.  It is not owned or controlled by any insurance company and works for you.  There is never any charge for our services.  Bill Addy has been recognized for excellence with several national awards, acts as an advisor for several Insurance Companies, is a member of National Ethics Assoc., and received "2015 and 2017 Broker Awards for excellence"  Health Care was never designed to be simple!  This newest HealthCare law has expanded to 3,000 pages with legal comments and adjustments and has required over 100 hrs of study.  I am looking forward to helping.

C B M Consultants LLC
5545 N Buckskin Pass Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80917
719 596-3556

Broker: William Addy

Affordable Health Insurance

We use the newest & best plans from the top carriers.  Call with questions

There are at least 16 ways to take personal Medicare. There are 2 major paths to take.  Pay little or nothing besides A&B and pay as you get services or pay more monthly and pay little or nothing for services when used.  All supplement plans provide the same benefits by alphabet.  See Medicare and you from the Government.
Medicare Supplement Plans

The most highly rated plans from the top carriers. View, compare and apply for Medicare Supplement coverage.

Group Insurance

2 or more employee's give us amazing opportunities for Coverage.  If you have not looked lately let me help you to see what can be done.  Bill Addy  719-596-3556.  Award winner for excellence in 2015 & 2017.