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We only do one thing and we do it well: Personal Benefits.  No "games", no "3 hours on the phone to talk to the IT expert", no "I don't know how to answer that question".  Straight information plus service before, during, and after your Insurance choice.  The electronic computer media does not understand us as people.  We help Insurance make sense for your health and your budget.  Put us to the test.

C B M Consultants LLC
5545 N Buckskin Pass Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80917
719 596-3556

Broker: William Addy

Affordable Health Insurance

We use the newest & best plans from the top carriers.  Call with questions

There are at least 16 ways to take personal Medicare. There are 2 major paths to take.  Pay little or nothing besides A&B and pay as you get services or pay more monthly and pay little or nothing for services when used.  All supplement plans provide the same benefits by alphabet.  See Medicare and you from the Government.
Medicare Supplement Plans

The most highly rated plans from the top carriers. View, compare and apply for Medicare Supplement coverage.

Group Insurance

2 or more employee's give us amazing opportunities for Coverage.  If you have not looked lately let me help you to see what can be done.  Bill Addy  719-596-3556.  Award winner for excellence in 2015 & 2017.